Everyone should have a great profile photo. Everyone has the right to look gorgeous. I love the word gorgeous and I don't think I can ever overuse it. You deserve great photographs of yourself. Let's work together to put the best you out there. Currently booking headshots and beauty portraits in Perth and Melbourne Australia.

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Investment Headshots

I know that anyone, with some coaching, can look fantastic in front of the camera.  
I believe that we all need great head shots for both personal and professional reasons.  
A great authentic best version of you headshot helps your audience connect with you.  
You need a great image for LinkedIn, IG, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, your business card, your website and the list goes on. 
If you are a model or actor you need professional head shots for your comp cards and your business pages online. 
Let me help you. 
I have studied with one of the best in the business New York photographer Peter Hurley and have learned the most effective techniques. 
Consultations are complimentary so please call me and let's discuss what you need. 
I am currently working in Perth Australia. Please reach out to me on +61 418 141 274 
(I will be traveling to Melbourne throughout the year so please file the form on this site if you are outside of Perth so we can set up a shoot for when I am in your location) 

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