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Inspirations: My favourite books for the year

Putting this in the category of inspiration may be pushing it but reading or listening to books is something that relaxes me and motivates me and gets me offline. I have been hooked on audiobooks for a couple of years now. Some may say this is a lazy way to read but pros to audiobooks: 
1. When your eyes are tired and your mind is wired you can still be inspired while relaxing your eyes and keeping your mind active 
2. You can exercise - I have gone on longer walks as I wanted to keep hearing the story 
3. It can put you to sleep - some readers have great soothing voices to lull you into sleep for the night. 
So my all time favourite audiobooks and I do listen to them on the Audible App which I love are from my 2013 list but I have listened to them again in 2014. These four not only have great storylines but have the best readers in my opinion. Two are read by the dreamy english voices of Colin Firth and Jeremy Irons, then my favourite Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston reads another and Julia Wheelan and Kirby Heyborne round out the list. The books: 
The End of the Affair by Grahame Greene 
The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho 
The Things they Carried by Tim O'Brien 
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn  
As for actual 2014 downloads I loved Clare Dane's reading of The Handmaid's Tale and John Steinback's novel Travel's with Charlie read by Gary Sinese. 
If you haven't tried an audiobook I know audible allow one free download so why not give it a go? 

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