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A day in the life of little ballerina's: Austin Child Photography

Sometimes just it's just as important to capture little sisters and friends at play as it is to capture one portrait of a child. Below are Sara and Sofia and their friend JuJu. The day started out setting up a tea party and playing Queen's and then moved to the formal ballerina dance - the first up are the black and whites and I'll be back tomorrow with the colored images. I present the Little Ballerina's.


Portrait of a gorgeous family: Luca on video. Melbourne and Austin newborn photography.

Whilst my main aim is to see my artwork of your beautiful faces in your home, splashed on your walls for you to gaze at all the time (and for when you invite me over for coffee - for me to gaze on and say - "I took that!" Followed quickly by "isn't that a gorgeous family!" yes we artists are all a tad narcissistic and love seeing our work on display! I also want you to be able to share the experience of your day with friends and family. So I am excited to have some great new products on the menu! Here is one of them - take a look at Luca, Pina and Colin. 


Dad's your day is here! Happy Father's Day from me, Tracy (Austin child photographer)

To every Dad in the USA - Happy Father's Day to y'all!  
Just found this amazing pancake recipe that I am sure would make Dad's day check it out - Beer battered pancakes! http://bit.ly/lcN8CE 
So what's everyone got planned? For myself, my Dad is in Australia and Father's Day isn't until September; soooo I have plenty of time to post him something BUT I could always use present ideas... so if you care to share what you brought your Dad post them below for me!  
The gorgeous family below are related to the cute little girls in a previous post! While the girls were cute and adorable, the boys loved hamming it up for me! Thanks John, Johnny and Truett for being great sports. Happy Father's Day to you John!
Yes like the sign says : they are men!


Austin Fun Park with the Hamlets: Austin Child Photography

The two adorable girls below are Sofia an Sara Lucia! We had a family shoot at a tiny amusement park in Austin, (back last October) and it proves that kids don't need Disneyland to enjoy themselves - the local little park can be just as great - the whole thing really is about getting out there and having fun with your family. I held off posting this shoot seeing I hadn't moved to Austin when I shot this but now that I am here I think it's time to show everyone how cute they are! Next up the shoot of the boys! And of course, now to plan the 2011 session! 


Nicholas: Teen Portrait Photography

The great thing about teenagers, if you give them some breathing space, is that they can open up and give you some really great portraits.  
It's all about the balance - give something for the parents and then have something for yourself. For me it's about seeing who they really are. The images below are of Nicholas taken at his home in Perth.  

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