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Andi Lew: Author, TV Presenter and Owner of Eat Fat Be Thin

I had the privilege of working with acclaimed author, TV presenter and owner of the Eat Fat Be Thin cooking school, Andi Lew. After raiding my fridge and munching on my celery and anything else healthy she could find, we bonded and came up with this cute shot!  
I'm inspired to come and learn some great recipes at her cooking school in St Kilda! Andi teaches how to make 'fit food' fast! And after discovering that I have hardly any food in my fridge and I don't like spending that much time in my kitchen her schooling sounds like something that I need! Less time in the kitchen means more time in the gym, or at the studio! 
Through our bonding we have decided to give away a session. Go to her website to find out how to win or www.andilew.com/win and while you're there, check out the cooking school!

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