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Inspirations: I'm inspired by HONY

My main inspiration for 2013 had been my daily viewing of what HONY has been up to.  
In case you have been living under a rock Brandon of HONY fame (Humans of New York) not only goes around New York taking portraits of strangers but also he has real conversations with them. The people he has met have been awesome and his page sometimes brings a smile, sometimes makes you sad but mainly is just inspirational to see how he connects with people and how people respond to him.  
I am not going to lie, I am jealous of his conviction to go up to people and talk and take their portrait. I guess I am a little jealous of all street photographers and their ability to do this. I have yet to overcome my shyness and just ask someone for their photo - and yet I've seen people do it, I have even posed for people without an issue... maybe 2014 will be my year to actually get over my fear and just ask.... we will see. 
In the meantime go check HONY out here

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